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Functional Fitness

We specalize in methodologies that are designed to help your body feel as good as ever while also helping you maximize fitness gains.

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Quantify Your Progress

We use a variety of assessments and technology that provides objective data on movement & performance to help you see tangible progress in your fitness journey.

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Individualized Training

Get the best of both worlds: Your own customized program while also training in a motivating small group enviornment.

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“When I came to Pinnacle, I had debilitating back spasms. By the end of the first session with Conor, I felt tremendously better. I am now lifting with confidence for the first time in years.”



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Improving Running Performance: Should You Try To Alter Your Running or Gait Mechanics?

If we were to consciously try and alter our gait by trying to force internal rotation on a leg that cannot internally rotate, we could be making the problem worse rather than better. This explains why any attempt to modify a runner’s self-selected stride length or gait pattern will result in a metabolically less efficient gait (Anderson, 1996, Cavanagh, 1982, Hunter et. al, 2008).

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“I have had over 10 chronic injuries. Thanks to an indivdiualized program written for me, I was able to get stronger in the way that was best for my own body. I highly recommend working with Conor!”
– Emily
“It’s like he’s giving my body exactly what it needs to move freely.”
– Reggie

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