About Conor Harris

About Me

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to develop as a trainer through many diverse environments and methodologies. Early on in my training career, I was exposed to progressive concepts and principles that helped me achieve success. As a result, my passion for training was ignited at an all-time high. My eyes were opened up to an entirely new way of addressing the human body, and I have carried that knowledge with me throughout my career.

I have trained dozens of first-round draft picks across the major sports in the United States, a National Championship-winning baseball team, and countless individual clients who seek to gain muscle, lose fat, and increase performance. As your coach, I will prioritize developing an authentic, meaningful connection with you in your pursuit of individual goals.

My Process

It is ultimately my goal to equip you with the tools you need to succeed on your own and be a competent coach for yourself. I strive to create purposeful, results-driven programs for my clients, in which they understand each and every aspect of their training. I firmly believe that every element to a program should be understood and appreciated by the individual in order to maximize buy-in to my programs.

My approach is less of a coach and more of a teacher. I want my clients to understand why their limitations and how they can address it. I believe that being in-tune with your own body is an invaluable tool, one that is commonly under-appreciated in personal training. Together, we will address these biomechanical inefficiencies, you will learn to self-assess and understand your body, and we will intelligently build towards achieving success in a way that empowers you in both the gym and life.