Why People Get Hurt Doing Crossfit

Why People Get Hurt Doing Crossfit

Like any other sport crossfit carries with it a risk of injury. Many people who are attracted to crossfit jump right into training without easing their way in which increases the risk of getting hurt.

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Accomplishing Your Goals While Feeling Great!

We want to prioritize working within the ranges of motions we have access to without compensating. 

You’ll get the most bang for your buck doing these and walk out of the gym feeling less beat up. 

3 Ways to Improve Your Back Stiffness

If every time you walk out of the gym you feel like you’ve just worked out your low back or you wake up and dread bending over because your back is tight, read this!

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What Is Functional Fitness?

You’re probably already doing some functional fitness movements without knowing it. I was! These exercises have demands that mirror tasks and positions we perform in our everyday lives.