One-on-one personal training

We offer one-on-one training with our stellar trainers, Jacob Grams and Trevor Corrado, for specific hours throughout the week. All of our trainers are equally skilled and trained in all of the same methodologies used at the gym.

If you want a more individualized training or rehab experience, this is a fantastic option.

How It Works

Initial consultation & First session

The first step is an initial consultation appointment. This is where you will discuss goals, training history, injury history, etc.

You will also go through a thorough movement assessment process.

From there, you will spend the rest of the hour going through either basic movement prep exercises and/or corrective exercises that help target your movement limitations. These will be exercises you will “warm-up” with for future sessions.

Movement Session

The second session is all about movement patterns. Almost everyone comes in with some “bad habits” of movement we need to work to re-pattern. You will spend the hour learning the basic movement patterns such as squat, hinge, push, and pull so that way you establish a foundation for future sessions.

Based on how those first two sessions go and what the trainer has learned about your body throughout them, they will be able to now design you a 100% individualized program which you will start in the third session.

To schedule a personal training session with Trevor or Jacob, reach out to their contacts listed below:

Trevor Corrado: 862-222-7885 (cell) and

Jacob Grams: 832-457-0540 (cell) and

“I found my passion for biomechanics, movement, and coaching after suffering a hip injury in 2016. It happen right after I placed first in my second powerlifting meet and was preparing for nationals.
The injury left me feeling lost, in pain, and lacking confidence in my body’s ability to perform. I tried traditional physical therapy, webMDing, and all kinds of stretches. A year and a half later, I met my first mentor and got introduced to in-depth biomechanics through the lens of PRI (Postural Restoration Institute). 
By the end of our first session, I felt better and had more clarity on what was going on with my body. Within a few months, I felt confident in my  body, my hip issues greatly improved, and I was squatting 3x week. I spent the next few years studying biomechanics, training, and coaching while working in business. In 2017, I followed my passion, left my desk job, and started coaching full time. 
A lot of my learning has come from self study and interning among some the best coaches in the industry. In 2021, I left my home of 26 years in NJ to pursued an internship under Conor and at the end of 3 months came on as a full time coach. 
Currently, I employee a variety of methodologies to help my clients feel their best in and outside of the gym. 
If you’re interested in working together, I’d love to help.”

Trevor Corrado

Trainer, Pinnacle Performance

“I’m a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a passion for empowering individuals to reach their fitness goals while concurrently addressing chronic pains. 

I’ve worked with dozens of professional athletes to optimize their training approaches, including multiple #1 overall draft selections, all-stars, and pro-bowlers. I also have an extensive background coaching general population trainees seeking peak health and performance outcomes, assisting clients ranging from 8 to 93 years old.

Through collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of esteemed practitioners, including Physical Therapists, Dentists, and Registered Dietitians, I offer clients a comprehensive, assessment-based approach to high-performance and overall well-being.”

Jacob Grams

Trainer, Pinnacle Performance